9 Smart Tips to Sell Your Home Fast in Lubbock Area

The 4 Benefits Of Selling A House In All Cash in Lubbock Area
June 18, 2019

How To Sell A Home Fast?

Looking to sell your house fast? Check out the 9 smart tips on how to sell a home fast in the Lubbock area without losing out on money.

Some 5.34 million existing home sales were executed in 2018. 

And that number continues to increase as the price of getting of a mortgage remains relatively cheap.

That makes it a great time to buy and to sell a home. And that’s why you’re here. You want to know how to sell a home fast. 

In home sales, speed is everything. Go fast, and you can make moves to get to that home you’ve always wanted. Take too long, and the place you’ve lived the last little bit becomes an albatross. 

If you haven’ been on the seller side yet, read up on the basics of that process by clicking here.

If you do know that process but want to pick up the pace this time, read on!

1. Know How to Sell a Home Fast

If you know yourself but not your opponent, you will win as much as you lose. And if you know neither, you will lose every time. 

Let’s walk through some stats on home buyers, people who purchased there home within a year of being surveyed, in the Lubbock area. 

About 35%, the largest group, of home buyers are between the ages of 45 and 64 years old. On average, the home buyer is about 44 years old. This is just slightly younger than the national average age of home buyers at 46 years old. 

The next largest age demographic is people aged 35 to 44 years old at 28%. 

The average annual salary for the Lubbock, Texas home buyer is about $75,300. Some 37% of home buyers’ annual salary was between $50,000 to $100,000.

Here’s the key stat: 

Nearly all, about 93 percent, of home buyers in the Lubbock area, moved from another area within Texas. 

So, that’s your “enemy” or who you need to plan for. Everything else needs to be target towards this person: a married, white Texan couple of modest means that is likely in or approaching middle age. 

2. Is Your House Ready for Its Close Up?

Next, your house needs to look good. What does that mean? 

In terms of selling a home, that means that your house looks the best it can without being imbued too much with you or your family’s personality. 

Make sure to keep the exterior clean and tidy. This is your homes first impression. Keeping a clean and neat exterior is like getting presentable for a job interview. Consider power washing plastic or metal siding, paint areas that don’t show damage and concrete surfaces. 

Getting the inside ready takes a little planning. 

3. Staging Your Vacant or Occupied House

Present-ability is also straightforward for the interior: paint walls and trim, replace carpets and replace or repair unattractive appliances and fixtures.

Both vacant and occupied homes should have a “brand new” feel. In part, this means that everything looks fresh, and the flow of the rooms should be light. 

Put things out of sight as much as possible. In fact, de-cluttering is a great way to both prep your house to show and lighten the load in the coming move and skip the “why do we have so much useless stuff” conversation.

Also, depersonalize, or remove stuff that identifies you or your family as much as possible or evokes strong emotion. 

Leaving as much literally and emotional space allows potential buyers to project what’s in there heart and head onto your house, making it more memorable. 

4. Get a Reputable Seller’s Agent

Aren’t all agents seller’s agents? No!

A good buyer will contact an agent whose focus is representing their best interests. Sellers need to do likewise. 

Don’t go it alone if you want to sell quickly. Do you have years of experience, a fresh and expansive network, and access to professional resources in real estate? No? Then call someone who does. 

Seller’s agents are incentivized to sell quickly. The longer something stays on the market; the more people wonder if there is a problem, the property. Also, most simply need to keep a certain volume of sales going. Can’t do that with houses that just stay on the market. 

5. The Price Is Right? 

This is another way your seller’s agent can help you. They have ready access to recent and historical sales prices of your home and the homes in your neighborhood, even similar homes in different areas. All of this can be used to price your home right. 

And a seller’s experience and intuition help too. 

Pricing is equal parts art and science. Price too high and no one will bother to look at the listing. The same thing happens when pricing to low. Go too far above the market, and people will look with prejudice on home tours. Go too low, and you won’t get what the house is worth. 

Again, call a pro for this one. 

6. Eyeballs, Ew What? 

The internet is how people get information now. And it’s usually the easiest and cheapest way to get your listing in front of a lot of people, getting the listing in front of the most eyeballs. 

Plus, its where people tend to start their search. National Association of Realtor survey data shows that some 90 percent of Baby Boomer used the internet as part of their home search. That number gets pretty close to 100 percent as the survey subjects get younger. 

Get your listing on all the sites you can. There are a lot, and that means you can reach a lot of people all at once.

7. Pics or It Didn’t Happen

This is a combo of points 4 through 6. 

Use the photo features of listings sites to get the best photos out there. If you have a nice phone or can borrow one or have a cool creative person in your network come do this for you, take advantage of that to get the nicest photos out there you can. 

That NAR data I mention before found that 87 percent of respondents found online photos helpful in deciding to buy a home. 

8. Time It Right

There is a season for everything, including home selling and buying. 

Most homes are sold in the summer months. As the temp goes up, so does the likelihood of selling your home. These data show that your home’s sale price and how often home buyers commit to a purchase is greatly influenced by the time of the year. 

The opposite is also true — you will have a hard time selling in winter. 

9. Or, We Could Just Buy Your House

At the end of the day, someone has to buy your house for you to get on to the bigger and better things you have in store. 

There is one more thing to try. See how to sell a home fast, possibly faster than anything else, with weduhomes.com.

We’ll buy your home. Tell us about your plans, let us take a look, and we’ll send you a competitive offer based on market data. Skip the hassle of and the ups and downs of the traditional sale process. 

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