Why Isn’t My House Selling? 7 Possible Reasons (And How to Get That “Sold” Sign)

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Why Isn’t My House Selling? 7 Possible Reasons (And Tips to Fix Them)

Other houses in my neighborhood are selling like hotcakes, but mine’s been stuck on the market for months. Why isn’t my house selling? Find out here.

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Home sales were up by 2.5% for May 2019. In 2018 alone, about 5.34 million homes were sold in the United States.

So if you’re wondering, “why isn’t my house selling,” it may not be because there’s no market. It may be because there are some things you need to change about your home.

You would think that if a house is priced right, it will sell. But some homes stay on the market for weeks and even months. But if the house you’re trying to sell is getting lots of views but no contracts, chances are there’s something you can do to fix it.

So why isn’t your house selling? Here are 7 possible reasons you aren’t getting that “SOLD” sign.

1. The Price Isn’t Right

If the price IS right, any house will sell, regardless of what condition it’s in. While it’s not everyone’s dream to land the perfect fixer-upper, there are many people who look for a house that isn’t in the best condition with the intention of fixing it up themselves.

But if the price of your home is too high for what it is, you might be selling yourself short. Clutter, dated kitchens and bathrooms, and ugly paint colors are all things that buyers expect the reduced price for.

When a home stays on the market too long, and the price keeps dropping, people will begin to assume there is something wrong with it. Your best bet is to get the price right from the get-go.

2. The House Is Too Dark

Back in the day, realtors and sellers used to open up all the blinds and curtains in a home before showing it. If a home is dark to begin with, and it has dated paint colors and shuttered windows, it’s not going to be very invited.

And while some people are blessed with imaginations to picture what a home could be, many people want to achieve that feeling when they first set foot in a home.

You want your home to be prepared for showings. If it’s summer, crank the AC an hour before a potential buyer arrives. If there’s a strange smell, light a candle or open all the windows and air it out. Doing just a few simple things before someone comes to take a look can make or break their experience and impression.

3. The Photos Are Bad Quality

In this day and age, photos are expected before seeing almost any item. Even someone who lists their used bicycle to sell online will provide clear photos with their post for the benefit of potential buyers.

You want potential buyers to feel excited going in, or at least to know what they’re getting into. 

4. There Are Strange Smells

Foul odors are one of the many reasons houses don’t sell. You don’t want imaginations to run wile just because of a strange smell when someone comes to look at your home. 

Food odor, pet odor, cigarette smoke odor, and even mold odors are common scents that turn people away from a home. When you’re living in the home or visiting it often, you get used to the smell it emits.

Get a few friends or family members to stop by and tell you what they think. And if they say it stinks, air it out and do whatever you need to do to get that home smelling good!

5. It Has No Curb Appeal

Remember that saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, people still do. And they judge homes by the first impression.

If your lawn is cluttered, your paint is peeling, or your driveway and home seem dirty, the first impression may be turning people away.

Giving your home a good pressure wash, painting your front door, and decluttering outside can do wonders for the way people feel when they first lay eyes on your home. 

Even if you plant a few flowers or hire a landscaper to give your property a touch-up, it could make all the difference.

6. The Timing Is Poor

In areas where there is extreme heat during the summer, it may not be the best time to list a home. In the northeast, winter isn’t the best time to list a home. And the last thing you want people to see when they begin looking for a new abode is to see that yours has been listed for months on end.

While you may be anxious to sell, it can be better to wait for the right time. That being said, if you want to sell your home and sell it fast, check out how it works to sell your home to professionals who make offers, regardless of your home’s condition or the time of year that you’re trying to sell.

7. It’s in Bad Condition

If it’s obvious that your home has been seriously neglected, it could affect the interest of potential buyers. Water stains, missing shingles, dry rot, and cracks in the foundation are all red flags.

Try to address as many of those problems as you can before selling so that potential buyers don’t feel like they are looking at a MAJOR fixer upper.

Why Isn’t My House Selling?

If you’ve been wondering, “why isn’t my house selling,” you can see now how the smallest detail can determine how long your home stays on the market.

Take the time to spot these red flags and smaller details that may be turning people away. And if you have the time, get friends and family to share their feedback as well. That being said, if you want to sell your home and sell it fast, you can.

Contact us today and request an offer. There’s no obligation for you to accept, so you aren’t losing anything by reaching out!

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